Updated on March 23, 2018Article 1 – General

These general terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) describe and govern the contractual relationship between, on the one hand, the restaurants of the Brioche Dorée network, independent franchisees or branches of Brioche Dorée (the “Restaurant (s)” or the or the “seller (s)”), and on the other hand, each customer (the “Customer (s)”) placing an order via the website accessible at http://www.briochedoree.in, also accessible via the applications for mobile phones and tablets developed by Brioche Dorée (hereinafter the “Site / App”).

The publisher of the Site / Appli is the company SAS Société Animateur de la Franchise, with a capital of 30 037 500 €, (RCS Rennes n ° 451 392 989), having its registered office 52, Avenue du Canada 35200 – Rennes, (« Golden brioche “). As part of its business, Brioche Dorée benefits from professional liability insurance underwritten by HDI GERLING.

The online order on the Site / App is reserved for Customers aged at least 13 years old at the date of the order. The Customer declares, at the time of confirming his order, to have read and accepted the General Conditions, as well as the general conditions of use relating to the loyalty program available at the following address: https://www.briochedoree.fr/ General conditions-use
Article 2 – Creation of an account or order as a guest

The Customer can create an account that will allow him to benefit from the loyalty program, to record his means of payment, and to access the history of his orders. He can also order as a guest without creating an account.

Upon registration, certain personal data will be requested from the Customer. When creating his account, the Customer chooses an identifier and a password.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep his information strictly confidential and not to disclose it to third parties, in order to avoid as far as possible any risk of unauthorized use of his account by unauthorized persons. The publisher of the Site / App and/or the Restaurant cannot be held responsible for the use of the Customer’s account by a third party who has had access to his username and password in any way whatsoever.

In case of loss or forgetfulness by the Customer of his password, the Customer will have the possibility to click on a link allowing him to reset his password.

Article 3 – Order and withdraw your order

The products offered by the Restaurant chosen by the Customer are those listed on the Site / App on the day of the order, subject to availability.

In the event of unavailability of the ordered products, the Restaurant will inform the Customer, by telephone, by email or on the spot, to propose to him either to opt for another product or to cancel his order.

The products must be consumed quickly and must never be frozen.

Brioche Dorée will make its best efforts so that the photographic representation of the products or services on the Site / App is as faithful as possible to the products. However, in view of the digital presentation of the products on the Internet, it is possible that the perception by the Customer of the photographic representation of the products or services does not correspond exactly to the product (s).

The ordering process on the Site / App is as follows:

the Customer creates an account or log in on his account with his username and password, or order as a guest
the Customer selects the Restaurant in which he wishes to withdraw his order and selects from the choices offered the moment at which he may withdraw his order
the Customer selects the products and adds them to his basket
the Customer accesses his basket and can use his loyalty benefits
the Customer validates his basket after checking it
the Customer pays his order online or chooses – for means of payment not available on the Site / App – payment upon withdrawal in the Restaurant and accepts fully and without reservation the Terms and Conditions and the general conditions of use and those about the loyalty program
the Customer receives a confirmation of the order recorded on the Site / App by email with an order number, a withdrawal number, and a barcode
the Customer goes to the Restaurant at the address indicated on the Site / App with imperatively his order number and the barcode sent by email by the Restaurant to withdraw his order,
Upon withdrawal, the Restaurant will give the Customer a receipt.