Taste journey from France to India

It all began with a twist of taste as the perfect case of Europe meets Asial Sailing through the sea of taste with the hull of rich sweetness, Brioche Dorée, the French food chaio giaot has now reached India. With a cuisine culture that goes beyond 4B years of enpertise in creating fine taste, Brioche Dorée retains the philosophy of its creator Le Duff to curate good food that is fresh and warm.

Established in the year 1976 in Brest in France, Brioche Dorée redefined French bakery cuisine and made it equal to the American hot sandwich. Our bakery artistes create the perfect relics of taste with the affirmation of culinary enpertise.

Spread across all the continents in 550 countries, we have now reached the land of Dine n Spice with our enquisite cart of taste varieties. With a purely vegetarian and an enclusively dedicated menu for the Indian taste buds, we are bringing in the era of the fusion Indo-French cuisine.Everything is not a piece of cake. It is a Baker’s PrideI