Bowls O’ Delight

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” Mark Twain

On this World Health Day let’s make conscious changes in our lifestyle and move towards a healthier being. And while we try to do so, let’s not rely on ‘health books’ as Twain warns us, but be our own coaches in this journey. The core of a healthy life is one’s lifestyle. If your lifestyle, the routine you follow every day, the places you visit, etc, don’t cater to you health-wise, changes ought to be made. At Brioche Doreé, we value your health and wellbeing above all in every aspect of the services we provide to you. Here are a few points discussing the measures we take to offer you a healthy, delicious, and authentic French cuisine.

Fresh Ingredients

At Brioche Doreé, we make sure that only fresh, seasonal, and exceptional quality of ingredients are used in the preparation of meals each day. We procure our ingredients directly from local producers to ensure their freshness and quality. Our salads and sandwiches are prepared with seasonal ingredients only, and get an update in their flavours every season. And, our bakers always keep their Owens ready to craft handmade cakes for you. From crunchy croissant, healthy bowls of goodness, to the juicy and flavourful salads, all our dishes are prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients every day.

Vegetarian & French

Brioche Doreé began its journey in India a vegetarian avatar to keep the hungry hearts of its customers healthy. Baking, as a method of food preparation, has a higher nutrition retention value than methods such as deep frying. All our dishes are baked, never fried, and prepared without using eggs. Our authentic French brioche bread is handmade, nutritious, and appetizing. Above all, Brioche Doreé is the only authentic, vegetarian French café restaurant in India, maybe all over the world.


Maintaining proper hygiene standards is a crucial and undeniably important aspect of the restaurant business. Staffers at Brioche Doreé are given an expert level of training in food and personal hygiene maintenance. And, we make sure that our kitchen goes through a rigorous and thorough cleaning at least twice each day. Along with which, a variety of sanitation and food hazards, we make sure that each bite you eat at Brioche Doreé is nutritious, fresh, and pure.

Brioche Doreé values the health of its customers above anything else. From picking the highest quality of nutritious ingredients, always keeping hygiene on priority, to offering authentic French cuisine in a vegetarian avatar, we ensure that your every meal is hearty, wholesome, and delicious.  So, celebrate this World Health Day with us and savor the taste of authentic French cuisine and hospitality.

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